About Us

Barbara Earley, M.Ed, CCC

Speech Language Pathologist

I have loved working with kids for as long as I can remember. I come from a family that has been working in the area of child development for generations and grew up with a brother with special needs.  My experiences in my own personal life and my professional life have led me here. I am so excited to continue this “newish” journey. Starting Social EdVentures has been an amazing way to serve kids, teens, young adults, and parents all while having FUN!  We are excited to expand our services to provide everything our communities need and beyond. 

April Lowe, M.Ed, CCC

Speech Language Pathologist

Hi! I am enjoying this newly-found EdVenture out here in this big world of ours.  I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for 30 years with experience in many different settings including public schools, private clinics, and multiple other discovered roles. These EdVentures have developed out of partnering, listening, and acting on the needs of parents in the community for services. I am absolutely grateful for all of my previous connections and experiences that I have been gifted with, but I am overwhelmed with the need/responses for our new EdVentures and therapy options. As I continue to explore new ways of cultivating communication among all “abilities”, I am embracing this journey to help others in FUN and EXCITING new ways while empowering others.